AGWAN, PUNJAB (KP) – Sardar Tarlok Singh, the respected father of the Mahan-Shaheed Bhai Satwant Singh, who along with Bhai Beant Singh and Bhai Kehar Singh, were responsible for bringing the Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to justice, passed away at a hospital in Amritsar due to health related complications.

His son, Shaheed Bhai Satwant Singh, who was a personal bodyguard of the Indian Prime Minister, was hanged in the gallows along with Bhai Kehar Singh Ji on January 6th of 1989 after being charged and convicted of murder and conspiracy to murder.

Hailing from the border village of Agwan Khurad Sardar Tarlok Singh and his wife mata Piyaar Kaur had five children, Bhai Gurnam Singh, Bhai Variyam Singh, Bhai Satwant Singh, Bhai Sawarn Singh, and Bibi Ranjit Kaur.

Sardar Tarlok Singh’s exemplary determination and conduct during the challenging months of Shaheed Bhai Satwant Singh’s imprisonment, court-trial and eventual execution by the Indian Government was in the highest of Sikh spirits and valiantly echoed a similar incident from the 18th century when Bhai Shubeg Singh dauntlessly witnessed the martyrdom of his own son Shaheed Bhai Shahbaaz Singh by the ruthless Mogul rulers.


His perseverance and demeaner became a symbol of unwavering defiance and courage for the Sikh community

Sardar Tarlok Singh’s similar stance in the face of the many adversities his family faced after Gandhi’s assassination was unparalleled during those turbulent times – his perseverance and demeaner became a symbol of unwavering defiance and courage for the Sikh community.

Bhai Beant Singh, Bhai Satwant Singh, and Bhai Kehar Singh were declared “National Martyrs of the Khalsa Panth” by Sri Akal Takht Sahib, and their martyrdom days are observed annually at Sri Akal Takht Sahib.

Sardar Tarlok Singh and his family have been honored on multiple occasions by Sri Akal Takht Sahib for the sacrifices and hardships they have endured for the sake of the Khalsa Oanth and the sacrifices of this great shaheed’s family will never be fogotten by the Sikh Nation.