Promising life after Death – 8 Sikhs started body organ donation campaign

Mohali, Punjab: It is not easy to look at one’s death with a positive attitude. Tougher still, to actually do something good before departing from this world. But these eight residents of SAS Nagar, all full of life, are living with such a passion, only to die for a cause far greater than their lives.

Inspired by Olympian Ajmer Singh, whose body was donated to PGI in January, these people have also pledged to donate their bodies to PGI for medical research.

 Now they are planning to run a body organ donation campaign.

“A few years back, a pro- fessor from Amritsar Medical College told me that there was an acute shortage of bodies for research in medical colleges. The education of medicos was facing a setback due to this shortage,” said Amrik Singh Gill, who is one of the initiators of this cam- paign. He is an organic agriculture consultant staying in SAS Nagar, Phase II.

He says that around two years back, he along with wife Raj Gill pledged to donate their bodies to PGI.

“At that time, PGI’s Head of the Department of Anatomy told us that being a research institute, PGI requires around 25 bodies a month but they were getting just two. Then I realised how even dead bodies were important for living human beings,” says Singh.

He then shared the idea with his neighbour Brigadier H.S. Cheema (retired) and his wife Raj Cheema. “Both of them immediately agreed,” says Singh. Soon, it began tak- ing the shape of a campaign.

 More people joined in and it almost became a community.

Today, sitting among the donors, H.S. Cheema proudly says, “I am the most eligible candidate among all these, because each day, I am growing older for the greater common good.”

with thanks : sikhsangat