Guinness Book of Records Awarded-Harwinder Singh Gill


Miniature Sikh Shastars(Weapons)

Who did this :
Harwinder Singh Gill

Record Place :
Punjab, India

When it done:
As on 19th November, 2013

Record Registration Date:
19th November, 2013


Harwinder Singh Gill (born on 10 August, 1972) from Punjab, India has created “Miniature Sikh Shastars”. He made small replicas of weapons related to Sikhism. It includes swords, bow and arrow, gun and other weapons. He taken 4 to 5 hours to make each item.

Amritsar, October 6,2014
Think big, create small. City-based artists Harwinder Singh Gill and Jagmohan Kanojia, popular names in the record books, seem to be working on the mantra with a strong resolve. And their achievements were recently acknowledged by the Guiness Book of World Records by listing them under the best five per cent world record holders in the world.

Both the artists specialise in making miniature object art forms. Gill has worked with egg shells, Netsuke art form or miniature wood sculptures. egg shells, Netsuke artTogether they share a total of 43 records, 25 listed by Kanojia and 18 by Gill.


Sharing their recent moment of achievement, the artists talked about the detailed process they had to go through. “We were invited by the Guinness Book people to participate in an online competition, which was to find the best world record holders amongst the participants. Over three lakh people across the world participated, out of which 40,000 were among the best record holders. Out of those 40,000, five per cent were finalised and among those, both of us were selected,” explained Gill.

A total of seven people from Punjab feature in the final list and the two artists from Amritsar are glad to have made it. Gill’s 10 Guinesss records include turning eggshells into miniature masterpieces by just drilling multiple holes, his best one having more than 10,000 holes. He has made what he claims to be the world’s smallest denture and has already earned a spot in the Limca book of records four times and his latest muse is pencils. “I have been carving pencil tips into alphabets, shapes and forms. Creating portraits by using bizarre objects, even vegetables, he has created sculptures using 1,000 egg shells,” says the dentist from the city.

Similarly, Kanojia, a businessman and an artist, who has over seven Guiness records and over 15 records in India and Limca book of records, is a kite artist. Having made over 10,000 kites over the years, ranging from 2 mm to 40 ft, Kanojia’s records not only include his kite making skills but also his love for gardening. So, the first one came with growing the tallest papaya plant, followed by successfully growing a grapevine and then a guava inside a 500 watt light bulb, making the world’s smallest kite measuring 2 mm, having a collection of maximum varieties of eggs and growing a 10-foot tall ladyfinger plant. The other artists from Punjab selected were from Jallandhar, Nakodar and Ludhiana.

Popularising their respective art forms through their passion, the two artists have also earned a name in making the fastest records in a year.